Learninglandscape Learning Design Workshop

Presented by Prof Johannes Cronje en Jolanda Morkel 19 May 2016

Exploring what Learning Design is at the #learninglandscape conference in Cape Town from 17 - 19 May 2016. click here for a collaborative google space for sharing of information and resources.

The slides are here.

Blended Architecture programme launched in 2014

This video gives an overview of the blended programme launched in February 2014, as a collaborative initiative between OpenArchitecture and CPUT. This 2 year BTech programme is offered through block release, workplce mentorship and supported online.

More on MOOCs

This is an interesting read:

Veletsianos on MOOCs: click here

SASEE workshop, 11 November, Port Elizabeth

Thank you very much for the invitation by the SASEE, to facilitate a workshop in Port Elizabeth today. It was good to get such constructive feedback and to engage in stimulating conversation on the teaching and learning of engineering, by engineering educators who care about their work and the performance of their students.

A quick poll using polltogo reveals that participants on average on a scale from 0 (novice) to10 (expert), consider themselves halfway between novice and expert. Responses range between 1 and 8. The term chosen by the majority of participants describing their role at the Institution, is that of facilitator, followed by lecturer and designer of learning.

In response to the presentations, SASEE President, Brandon Collier-Reed, leads an engaging discussion addressing a range of issues e.g.
- ethics (in the use of social media)
- scaling the use of technology (big classes)
- how  can technology make it easier
- how can technology help with "drill and practice" type learning
- which tools are relevant to the engineering context
- why would lecturers adopt technology in teaching and learning - it requires an effort
- how can technology help to assess project work
- how is the digital story assessed
- how can theory help
- where can we find good examples of teaching technology used in a similar context
- etc.

There is a need to continue this conversation, possibly via the e/merge Africa platform, at future events and/or online, to share ideas.

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